Carbon Fiber Composites

Carbon Fiber Composites

Carbon fiber has about ten times strength of iron, while its specific weight is about one-fourth that of iron. In addition to those mechanical characteristics, it has excellent thermal conductivity and has other features not found in conventional materials.
ENEOS combines its own resin technology with this carbon fiber, and designs and proposes prepreg and molded products (carbon fiber composite materials) according to customers' requirements. Click on the links below for examples of development.


As a prepregger, ENEOS is a partner who can support our customers' molding businesses.
ENEOS can provide wide variety of prepregs combined several fibers (not only carbon fibers but glass fibers, etc.) or textiles, and resins according to our customers' needs.

Tow Prepreg

ENEOS's tow prepreg is a tow (fiber bundle) product that is preimpregnated with resin.
By using tow prepregs with the filament winding (FW) method, a forming method used in CF shaft and gas cylinder production, high productivity can be achieved.

Carbon Roll

By optimally combining PAN-type and pitch-type carbon fibers, we can present designs that match customers' needs.