Sheet Pallet System

Sheet Pallet(Slip Sheets) System

Information about Sheet Pallet(Slip Sheets) System

A sheet pallet(slip sheets) is a lightweight and space-saving pallet.
Not a sheet pallet(slip sheets) but an attachment to a forklift supports cargoes.
Sheet pallets(slip sheets) are helpful for physical distribution reform as they are expected to improve loading-and-transport efficiency for their characteristics of being lightweight and space-saving.

Sheet Pallet(Slip Sheets) for General Industry

We have various sheets, such as recycling type (solid type), one-way type (thin solid type), film type, fiber sheet, and so on.

Sheet Pallet(Slip Sheets) for Grain and Fertilizer

Sheet pallets(slip sheets) for storage or transport of grain such as rice, wheat, soybeans, etc, chemical fertilizer, fruit, or vegetables are variously available.

Push-Pull Attachment

Push-pull attachments are an indispensable equipment for the Sheet pallet(Slip sheets) system. We can provide the most suitable attatchment for the shapes of your cargo and your usage situations.

Protective Polysheet

Protective sheets to be used between pallets and cargoes and curing sheet for moving are here.